Dog doorbells for potty training and communication – PoochieBells

Dogs of all ages ring bells to signal ‘I need to go’

Note: This is a sponsored post.

A company called Poochie-Pets recently sent me a product called PoochieBells for my dog Ace.

PoochieBells are a communication tool to help a dog signal when he needs to go potty. The bells are not so much about potty training. They are meant to be a communication tool for dogs of all ages. When the dog has to go potty, he simply rings the bells.

Why teach a dog to ring a bell to go potty?

PoochieBells are a way for your dog or puppy to clearly communicate what he wants.

“It’s such a terrific tool for any age dog to use and can easily be implemented at any time,” said Cheryl Pedersen, owner of Poochie-Pets.

For example, my 8-year-old lab mix Ace whines whenever he wants something.

Unless he’s staring right at the thing he wants, I usually don’t know why he’s whining.

PoochieBells can potentially help him communicate.

By ringing the bells, Ace can tell me when he needs to go outside.

According to Poochie-Pets:

1. PoochieBells are a terrific tool for any age dog.

2. The product is very safe. No loops to get tangled in. Bells are lead free, made in USA.

3. The product is handcrafted in Connecticut.

4. The bells stay flat against any type of door handle. Hooks are also available for hanging the bells next to a door.

5. PoochieBell prices range from $17.99 to $24.99.

Do PoochieBells really work?

I know what you’re thinking.

“Na gyere! My dog will just ring that bell all the time!”

I’ve always been a bit skeptical too.

However, I also know many professional dog trainers recommend this training method, and PoochieBells comes with a clear training program to follow. I’m currently training Ace to use PoochieBells, and you can check back next Monday to read about our progress.

I’m always looking for ways for my dog and I to learn and communicate better, and PoochieBells is another terrific opportunity to do so.

Why should my dog have to wait for me to let him out every four hours? now he can just tell me when he needs to go.

How you can win PoochieBells for your dog

Poochie-Pets is giving away free PoochieBells to two lucky readers of That Mutt. must have a U.S. mailing address to win.

*Congrats to LeeAnn and Debra.

To enter the first drawing, just leave a comment to let me know why your dog would like to try this product. The winner will get to choose the color and style of the PoochieBells. You can see all the options here. The winner will be selected Aug. 8.

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How does your dog currently tell you he needs to go potty?

*Check back Monday to learn how to train your dog to ring a bell to go potty, and hear about Ace’s progress learning to use PoochieBells!